Fatcow Web Hosting – A Bottomless Bag of Benefits

All businesses nowadays need a webpage to survive in this competitive world of marketing. Creating and hosting a webpage require plenty of time and resources. Web hosting is a tough job, but web-hosting providers like fat cow are providing Cheaper and reliable services for blogs, websites and personal/commercial domain. Fatcow provides its customers with lowest possible price on a time period of 12 months to 36 months plan. With these flexible plans, fatcow web hosting also offers feature packed plans with unlimited options. The following is a fatcow review and analysis of its incredible plans and features.

Benefits of Using Fatcow Web Hosting

The first noticeable thing about fatcow hosting is that it offers all the tools that are required to develop website/blog. Their user-friendly site builder lets its users build a professional looking website with ease. This site builder will be extremely useful for beginners and also can be a timesaver.

All the data centers of fatcow are 100% powered by wind energy, so users don’t have to worry about the environmental damage that their website would constitute. This can be an added incentive for people who are living in places where government would provide tax reductions for the use of renewable energy.

The other fatcow features are

1. Inbuilt WordPress management for blogs and websites. This word press management tool will enable users access thousands of themes and plug-ins.

2. Fatcow hosting features & plans are extensive and features like SEO integration, installation wizard, the ability to customize the e-mails and social network integration are available to the customers at the cheapest price possible.

3. Fatcow is one of the unique web hosting service provider to provide vDeck control panel. When vDeck is coupled with software named H-Sphere, users can create professional looking website with no HTML/Programming experience.

4. Securing a website or a blog from hackers and malware can be a tedious job but fatcow is doing it for free. User data is protected with the help of technologies like automated backup, helpline support, automated system monitoring software and so on.

5. Needless to say, the users get their first domain for free. Fatcow charges after the free first domain, but it lets its customers create an unlimited number of domains.

It also offers plenty of support for programmers, languages like Python, MySQL, Ruby, PHP, CGI and so on.

Infinite Bandwidth, Spaces and Features

With uninterrupted power supply and the uptime of 99.5 percentage fat cow is striving to achieve more. The users of fatcow can enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth, and this makes the hosting experience pleasurable. Fatcow features also extend to e-commerce as they offer PayPal shopping cart integration, credit card acceptance and the secure server for transaction and storage of data.

Fatcow offers plenty of support and tools for bloggers like WordPress, Joomla, Survey tools and so on to make blogging a better experience. It also lets its bloggers place ads from Google and Yahoo so that they can earn revenue and increase their web traffic. As mentioned earlier, Fatcow’s inbuilt SEO management tool provides tips and ideas to increase the amount of web traffic, and it also lets its users place ads on social networking websites like Facebook and twitter.

The Endless Bag of Benefits

The benefits and features of using fatcow web hosting are endless. One of the main advantage of choosing this web hosting is because of its pricing. Fatcow pricing is extremely versatile and a lot cheaper when compared to other web hosting services. To attract new customers, fatcow offers fatcow coupon to the newly joining customers. These coupons can be used to avail discounts in the pricing.

Powered with the clean energy and a bottomless bag of benefits fatcow stands out of its competitors. It lets its users create their own domain for their business at the lowest price possible and providing back the users with the best service in the market. The customer service and support department are available any time for consulting and servicing, which makes this web hosting even more complete.

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